When for some form, two people who love each other are forced to tie together, all the yearning for love and the yearning for love turn into the reason of betrayal. Betrayal is for the sake of this kind of love and escapes all the relationships brought about by this kind of love. People have the instinct of rejection. When we can no longer treat love as a noble form of love, we have to split the two to avoid it. People do not suffer for the form of love, but for the content of love itself. And the pain is often from the spirit, because people always need enough love to fight against their own. When people are no longer willing to bear the formal love, there will be inevitable betrayal. This kind of betrayal can be divided into two opposites: one is the betrayal to the form of love, the other is the attachment to the natural human nature. So betrayal itself becomes a contradictory word, because in fact, love and human nature are each other. Either choose to betray love, or choose to betray themselves. People always regard betrayal as an immoral act. But did not understand: no love is wrong? Is it not a betrayal of love to change because of the change of the other party? And how is the scope of the other party's change limited? Is the loveless moral? Is it morality first or humanity first? Moral standards are based on commonness, which not only summarizes but also kills individuality.